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i was perfect.

Challenge #7

I know, I fail. I'm sorry I didn't post a new challenge until now. The winners for challenge 6 will be up later tonight. Challenge #7 is of Kristen Stewart. Remember to read the rules and have fun! :D

→You must be a member of the community in order to enter into the challenges
→ You are allowed to submit up to THREE (3) icons per challenge.
→ Your icon(s) must fit LJ's standards (100x100 and 40kb or less; JPG, GIF, PNG format). No animations are not allowed.
→ You must make the icon specifically for the posted challenge. Do not enter any of your old icons, they MUST be new. Please don't post your icon(s) until the winners are announced, or you will be disqualified.
→ The icons must be your own. DO NOT steal from anyone.

This round will close on Saturday (2/28). If I don't get enough entries, I will leave it open longer. Please post your icons here when you are done. :)

Tags: challenge #7
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